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Marine Anchor Windlass And Towing Hook To Singapore

  • Customer Vessel Details

    • Ship type: RO ro ship;
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 59447
    • Total length: 199.97m type width: 32.36m type depth: 34.48m.

    The customer’s ship maintenance works include:

    • Electromechanical engineering: the ballast water system is newly installed, the anchor windlass and winding hook are renewed, three new brake handles are made for the cable crane, the main engine bearing bush is disassembled and inspected, the boiler is conventional, and the waste gas boiler is clean.
    • Dock repair works: marine anchor windlass and winding hook replacement, stern shaft seal cooperation service provider, rudder clearance measurement, blade polishing flaw detection, anchor chain measurement and anchor chain cabin cleaning, outboard valve disassembly and inspection, submarine valve disassembly, and inspection, bottom plug switch and outer plate zinc block replacement.
    • Hull Engineering: 1 outer plate, the steel structure of tailgate, and ballast water system; Sand and paint the outer plate and the middle door of the tailgate.

    According to the engineering requirements of RO ro ship, we provide marine anchor windlass and winding hook.

    On the 8th of, July. 2021, Gosea Marine won the contract to provide ship accessories for a ship repair shop in Singapore. Our company is responsible for providing large windlass to assist the safe berthing and disembarking of RO ro ship, and fixing it in place (static towing) during the loading operation. In addition, the catenary anchor leg mooring (calm) buoy, drainage hose, and cable for berthing visiting oil tankers are also supplied by our company.


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