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Marine Anchor Chain and Accessories to Singapore

    • Exporting Country: Singapore
    • Order Products: Marine Anchor Chain and Accessories
    • Contract Date: 7th, June. 2021
    • Quantity: 1* 20’’ GP Container
    • Weight: 16348 KG

    Customer Vessel Details

    • Ship type: container
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 105644
    • Ship total length: 333M type width: 45m type depth: 26.8m

    According to the maintenance engineering needs of customers’ bulk ships, we provide them with corresponding accessories. The customer’s ship maintenance works include:

    1. Electromechanical engineering: main engine supercharger, main and auxiliary engine air cooler, heater, boiler, and valve maintenance, new installation of the electronic chart, maintenance of 20 motors, gangway maintenance, trial weight, lifting trial weight, lifeboat rescue boat maintenance, brake belt replacement, fairlead repair, new installation of the ballast water system;
    2. Dock repair works: marine anchor chain and accessories are renewed;
    3. Replace the blade, tail shaft seal, and rudder clearance;
    4. Hull comprehensive work area project: 7 degrees of sanding and painting for outer plate, 3 degrees of chipping and painting for living area, and 3 degrees of painting for 17 overpass water knives;
    5. High-pressure water cleaning paint of hatch cover 1 degree; Catwalk flower iron plate replacement;
    6. The newly installed protective frame of the control room of anchor cable machine; Installation of new equipment base of the ballast water system.

    Cooperation Details

    Gosea marine signed a contract on the 7th, June. 2021 to provide marine anchor chain and accessories to the Singapore customer and provide comprehensive after-sales support. Our company has adopted a strong service-oriented method in this project, which provides a reliable guarantee for customers’ ship maintenance engineering.


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