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Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment to Singapore

  • Exporting Country: Singapore
  • Order Products: Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment
  • Contract Date: 2021.8.5
  • Weight: 621kgs

Customer Vessel Details

  • Ship type: container ship
  • Gross tonnage / TEU: 71021
  • Introduction: total length: 270.06 m, profile width: 42.80 m, profile depth: 24.80 M.

Major Project

  • Replacement of container fittings and lashing equipment;
  • Installation of 5 cargo hold air ducts and 83 air ducts;
  • Installation of freezer container and socket box, 81 in total;
  • Cable laying; Installation of cargo tank fan; Modification in catwalk;
  • Routine repair of the engine room; Outer plate coating, silicone paint, 16 days in the dock;
  • Organic silicon paint and other works for paddles.

Communication Details

On August 5, 2021, Gosea Marine won an order to provide container fittings and lashing equipment for this Singapore container ship. The contract with us is the ship operator of the ship. Obviously, they prefer to cooperate with accessories manufacturers such as Gosea Marine. Because we can provide customers with the lowest price, the best quality and the least trouble in the delivery process. In addition, our engineers come from the factory and can directly provide technical guidance and consulting services to customers.


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