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Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment to Singapore

  • Exporting Country: Singapore
  • Order Products: Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment
  • Contract Date: 2021.7.16
  • Quantity: 245pcs

Customer Vessel Details

  • Ship type: RO ro ship
  • Gross tonnage / TEU: 71177
  • Introduction: total length: 199.95 m, profile width: 35.40 m, profile depth: 36.25 M.

Major Project

  • Container fittings and lashing equipment
  • Maintenance of 3 heaters and coolers;
  • Lift 1 cylinder of the main engine and remove the bearing;
  • 7 sets of main engine high-pressure oil pumps are disassembled and picked up;
  • The front and rear oil seals of the tail shaft are bonded and renewed;
  • The motor shall be maintained in the workshop;
  • New construction of ballast system pipes in the engine room;
  • Replace the steam pipe downpipe of the engine room;
  • Sanding and painting of outer plate.

For the ship repair project, we provide the customer with container fittings and lashing equipment.

Communication Details

On the way to Singapore, the cabin ballast system had some faults, and the container fasteners needed to be replaced urgently. When customers contact us, they know that we are a manufacturer specialized in providing ship parts, with our own factory and specialized engineers to provide parts solutions. Therefore, we chose to cooperate with Gosea Marine, whose onboard container fasteners were provided by us. Our factory produced spare parts for customers as promised and delivered the goods to the destination on time. Although this is an urgent order, all spare parts arrived on time to avoid unnecessary downtime. Our professionalism once again won us the trust of another customer.


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