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Marine Aluminium Pipes and Flanges to Bangladesh

    • Exporting Country: Bangladesh
    • Order Products: Aluminium Pipes and Flanges
    • Contract Date: 1 st, Feb. 2021
    • Quantity: 2 Pallets
    • Weight: 1178KG

    Customer Vessel Details

    • Ship type: bulk carrier
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 39964
    • Total length: 225.00 m, profile width: 32.26 m, profile depth: 19.30 M

    According to the maintenance engineering needs of customers’ bulk ships, we provide them with corresponding accessories. The customer’s vessel maintenance works include:

    Major Projects

    • Repair welding of outer plate seam; The forepeak collision bulkhead shall be renewed;
    • The steel structure of the main engine air cooler chamber shall be patched; the Main engine lifting cylinder 6;
    • Replace the hatch cover and hydraulic pipe of the cable crane;
    • Repair of the submarine valve and outboard valve and replacement of relevant accessories;
    • Replacement of zinc blocks such as outer plate and submarine valve box; Bottom plug switch;
    • Routine maintenance of anchor chain; Flaw detection for propeller polishing.

    The supporting ship accessories provided by Gosea Marine include aluminum pipes and flanges.

    Communication Details

    After understanding the customer’s situation, our company sent ship configuration engineers to work with the ship maintenance technical team to formulate a comprehensive service plan.

    After successfully ordering the first batch of aluminum pipes and flanges, due to the increased demand for engineering accessories, the customer ordered the second batch of products from our factory.


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