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Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment to Singapore

  • Exporting Country: Singapore
  • Order Products: Container Fittings and Lashing Equipment
  • Contract Date: 2021.6.1
  • Quantity: 1235pcs

Customer Ship Details

  • Vessel type: bulk carrier
  • Gross tonnage / TEU: 36184
  • Introduction: total length: 199.90 m, profile width: 32.26 m, profile depth: 18.50 M

Major Project

  • Container fittings and lashing equipment update;
  • Replace the shelf of deck jib;
  • Production and installation of downpipes on the open deck in the living area, routine maintenance of main engine blowers and motors, routine maintenance of seawater valves in the engine room, and routine dock repair;
  • Sanding and painting of outer plate.

Communication Details

Gosea Marine is always committed to providing the best solution for ship owners and ship management companies to purchase ship after-sales spare parts. Our advantage is simple, reliable, fast delivery and competitive price. This is also the main reason why the customer chose us as his ship parts supplier.

In this ship repair project, Gosea marine provides customers with container fittings and lashing equipment. Before that, the customer has cooperated with us several times. He is very satisfied with our products, whether container fasteners or other ship accessories and expresses his willingness to cooperate for a long time.

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