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Full Guide on Second-hand Accessories for Marine Vessels

Thanks to modern facilities and automation, vessels are now equipped with several advanced accessories, equipment, and systems that aid better ship movement on high seas. Here are some of the important types of marine accessories that are available on all merchant ships. Let’s dig into the details.


Modern sailors are trained to understand how all modern navigation equipment works, making sailing at sea easier and safer. The vessel is now outfitted with several advanced navigation equipment systems that provide accurate voyage data, thanks to modern facilities and automation.

Accessories for Marine Vessels

Let’s explore just 5 of the different types of ship parts that are available on all merchant ships nowadays.

1. Dowmax Pump

The Danfoss DOWMAX ME Motor is a High Torque Low Speed (HTLS) axial piston motor. It differs from more traditional, radial piston (HTLS) motors by incorporating a unique and compact double swash plate design with up to 22 pistons. 

The unique design provides significant benefits by reducing speed fluctuations and minimizing flow drift and ripple, in addition to outstanding power-to-weight performance and compactness.

For example, fishing trawlers rely on Dowmax Pumps to handle the transfer of seawater for cooling systems, ensuring the reliability of engines during long fishing expeditions.


  • Multiple pistons and double swash plates enable smoother operation at speeds as low as one revolution per minute.
  • Numerous shaft and mounting options promote application flexibility.
  • There is a speed pickup system available.

2. Hydraulic Motor Luffing Type

The hydraulic motor luffing system used in rescue vehicles is a manual multi-way valve-controlled system that primarily serves to quickly lift/descend and support the rescue vehicle’s hoisting device.

It is used to find the correct path. The gyrocompass, unlike a magnetic compass, is not affected by an external magnetic field. It is used to provide a stable directional source by determining the correct north position, which is also the Earth’s axis of rotation. For emergency steering, its repeater system must be installed on the steering platform.

For instance, Hydraulic Motor Luffing Types are commonly found on container ships for adjusting the angle and position of container handling cranes, and streamlining the loading and unloading of cargo.

Hydraulic Motor Slewing Type

The Hydraulic Motor Slew Type DG 479 – BS is a strong and efficient piece of hydraulic machinery that is ideal for applications that require controlled rotation or slewing motion. This motor has been designed to provide precision and power in a variety of industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.

The DG 479 – BS is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as construction equipment, cranes, excavators, and other machinery that require smooth and controlled slewing or swiveling movements due to its compact and durable design. The “BS” suffix indicates that it is a balanced type motor, ensuring even distribution of hydraulic force and reduced wear on its components.

This motor generates rotational force by utilizing hydraulic pressure, making it ideal for applications requiring a consistent and powerful slewing motion. Its high torque and dependability make it a valuable component for equipment that requires precision and stability.

The DG 479 – BS motor is designed to withstand harsh working conditions and deliver long-term performance. It is versatile, efficient, and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for machinery requiring controlled slewing movements in a variety of industries.

For illustration, Hydraulic Motor Slewing Types are often employed in offshore oil rigs for rotating drilling equipment and platforms, facilitating precise positioning during drilling and maintenance operations.

Reducer Gear Hydraulic Pump

The Reducer Gear Hydraulic Pump EA – 4.4118 is a high-performance hydraulic pump designed to provide dependable fluid power in a variety of industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. This pump is designed for applications requiring accuracy, durability, and consistent hydraulic pressure.

The EA-4.4118 is well-suited for heavy-duty machinery, such as construction equipment, manufacturing systems, and agricultural machinery, due to its compact and robust design. It is essential for power transmission and the smooth and controlled operation of hydraulic systems.

The “GEAR” designation indicates that this pump generates hydraulic flow via a gear mechanism, which is a reliable and proven method of delivering consistent and predictable fluid power. Its small size and efficient design make it a versatile choice for space-constrained applications.

The EA-4.4118 hydraulic pump provides a consistent flow of hydraulic fluid to drive various hydraulic actuators, motors, and cylinders. It works in harsh environments and is known for its durability and longevity.

Overall, the REDUSER GEAR Hydraulic Pump EA – 4.4118 is a dependable and efficient choice for applications requiring precise and consistent hydraulic power, making it a critical component in a variety of industries where dependable fluid power is critical.

For example, LNG carriers utilize Reducer Gear Hydraulic Pumps to control the flow of liquefied natural gas during loading and unloading processes, ensuring safe and efficient cargo transfer.

Slewing Bearing Four-Point Contact Ball

The four-point contact ball slewing bearing is a type of bearing that is designed to allow for smooth and controlled rotation in various heavy machinery and equipment. Its unique design allows it to support radial, axial, and moment loads all at once, making it ideal for applications requiring precise and stable slewing motion.

A V-shaped groove is formed by four points of contact between the inner and outer raceways in this type of slewing bearing. This design reduces friction and promotes even load distribution, resulting in increased efficiency and load capacity. 

The four-point contact configuration of the bearing makes it resistant to misalignment and can accommodate a variety of loads, including axial thrust, radial, and even tilting moments. Construction machinery, cranes, wind turbines, excavators, and other equipment that require 360-degree rotation or slewing commonly use four-point contact ball slewing bearings. 

They provide consistent and smooth motion, reducing wear and extending the life of the machinery. Due to their high load capacity and compact design, they are a popular choice for demanding applications where precision and durability are critical, ultimately contributing to the equipment’s efficiency and safety.

For instance, Four-point contact ball slewing bearings are commonly used in offshore wind turbine installation vessels to support and rotate massive turbine components during assembly and maintenance operations, ensuring precise positioning.

We hope this vital resource helps you with accurate information about ship parts and contemporary accessories. Good luck!


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