Best comprehensive description of container bundling kits from the best container bundling suppliers

Best comprehensive description of container bundling kits from the best container bundling suppliers

Cargo securing equipment means all equipment used to secure and support cargo units, both fixed and movable.

Maximum securing load

The maximum securing load refers to the allowable load of the ship’s securing equipment. Safe working load may be substituted for maximum securing load when equivalent or higher strength is provided.

Fixed securing device

Fixed securing equipment refers to the cargo securing points and their supporting structures welded inside the hull structure (mainly cargo holds) and external decks, hatch covers and struts
The fixed securing devices of such ships are directly welded to bulkheads, side web frames, pillars and decks, and may also be directly welded to bilge and hatch covers if necessary. Its main types are:
(1) Eye plate
(2) eye ring
(3) Ground order (D-ring)

portable securing device
(1) lashing chain and tension lever
(2) Steel wire cable
(3) Securing wire
(4) Shackle
(5) Turnbuckle screws
(6) Tight cable clamp

Container Bridge fitting

container-bridge-fittingBridge locks are used to connect the uppermost containers of two adjacent rows horizontally or vertically to distribute the load of the main lashing equipment.
The use of the bridge lock is relatively simple. Just insert the two end frames (lock hook heads) of the bridge lock into the corner holes of the adjacent two containers, and then rotate the adjusting nut to tighten the container connection.


Container Bottom twist lock

Container Bottom twist lock
The base twist lock is only used in conjunction with the dovetail base, and its function is the same as the operation and use of the twist lock.

Container Twistlock

Container Twistlock

The twist lock is divided into left-hand lock and right-hand lock, that is, when the operating handle is at the solid line position, the twist lock is in a non-locking state, and when the operating handle is rotated from right to left to the limit position, the twist lock is in a locked state. For this purpose, when using, the operating handle should first be placed in an unlocked state and placed in the top corner hole or protruding base of the top of the lower container, until the upper container is stacked.
After putting it in place, turn the operating handle to connect the box to the box and the base. When unloading the box, first use the twist-lock lever to turn the operating handle to the twist-lock non-locking position before unloading the box.

Container semi-automatic twistlockContainer semi-automatic twistlock

The semi-automatic twist lock works the same as the twist lock. Because the semi-automatic twist lock has the advantage of climbing to the container to install and remove it without loading and unloading work, it can minimize the danger of high work on the job and ensure safety. This kind of twist lock has been vigorously popularized and applied. .
The semi-automatic twist lock is when the bridge crane lifts the container to the height of the human arm on the dock, insert it into the corner fitting hole of the container from bottom to top, and wait for it to be hoisted to the vertical base or another corner fitting hole of the container. When it is put down, the automatic device of the lock will work and turn the lock shaft to lock the connection between the box and the base or the box and the box.
When unloading the container, you should first use the operating lever to pull out the cable to open the twist lock and the vertical base or the top corner hole of another container, lift the container to the wharf, and unload it manually.

Container weldable cones

Accessory appliances
There are two main types of auxiliary tools used in movable securing devices: one is the twist lock lever; the other is the turnbuckle screw operating tool.
The function of the twist lock lever is to control the handle or lock pin of the twist lock to achieve the purpose of unlocking, and the function of the flower basket screw operating tool is to tighten or loosen the flower screw.

Container Speedlash

Container Speedlash
It is used to tighten and quickly release the tie wire or chain. It is used in conjunction with the elephant foot. It is equipped with a gas-action pistol for a quick release cable tightener to tighten the tie wire.

Container binding chain( Container lashing chain)

Container binding chain


Container Trailer trestle

Container Trailer trestle
Acts as a trailer mount and secures the trailer

container pressure elements—-lateral support elemet

container pressure elements
The support is used to support the containers close to both sides in the cabin when there is no box guide rail in the cabin or when loading containers in the multi-purpose cabin to prevent the containers from being skewed, overturned or laterally moved.
When in use, insert one end of the support into its special base, and the other end into the adjacent container corner hole, and then use the adjustment device to tighten it.

Trailer support jack Trailer support jack

Wheel chock

For fixing wheels to increase friction

Container lashing base

The base is directly welded to the bilge, deck, pillar and hatch cover, and the distance between them is designed according to the size of the four corners of the container, and the container is positioned by the twist lock, base twist lock or positioning cone placed on it. And fixed, base and various types are mainly as follows:

Container flush foundation

container flush foundation

Protruding single base (single vertical base) protruding horizontal double base (horizontal double vertical base) single sliding, horizontal double sliding and vertical double sliding.

Container embedded base ( Flush Socket Raised Shipping Container Foundation)( Container imbed foundation)

Container imbed foundation
Mainly used for warehouse bottom, also used for warehouse cover, single buried type, buried double buried, vertical double buried and quadruple buried.

Dovetail foundation

Dovetail foundation
Also known as dovetail groove, it is mainly used on hatch covers and deck pillars, and is specially used for fixing base twist locks. There are two types: single type and horizontal double type.

Doubling plate foundation is also called bottom plate with holes

Doubling plate foundation
Mainly used for the bottom of the warehouse, and used with the stacking cone

Container cone (Socket cone)

Container cone
A cladding plate is directly welded to the foot of the front and rear guide rails of the bilge, which is used to fix the bottommost container in the cabin, and the fixing cone is inserted into the hole of the corner piece of the container.

Container D-ring (D-Ring)

Container D-ring
It is mainly used on hatch covers, decks, container pillars and lashing bridges. It is also used on bilges on multi-purpose ships. Its main function is to form a securing system with turnbuckles and lashing rods as a securing point to secure containers.

Container lashing plate

Container lashing plate
The use position and function are the same as the D-ring. It is mainly used on hatch covers, decks, container pillars and lashing bridges. It is also used on bilges on multi-purpose ships. Forms a securing system to secure the container but is generally not used in the hold. There are single, double, triple and quadruple eyes.

Container Turnbuckle

Container Turnbuckle
For tightening lashing wires or lashing chains.

Container elephant feet:

Container lashing parts
Inserts into the socket and connects to other portable tethering devices through it.

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